7inch peluche Slowbro Igglybuff Charmander Igglybuff Pidgeotto Sandshrew Magikarp Shellder meag Blastoise morbido regalo di natale bambino

Tags: giocattolo della peluche di pikachu, blastoise pokemon, peluche pokemon giocattolo, l'uomo e la marmitta, charizard peluche, Bulbasaur, squishmallow peluche mini, pokemon plushie, squishy squirtle, giocattolo vaporeon.

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Materiale: Peluche Dimensioni: 7cm

  • Modulo: Genio
  • Marca: Wang Yang, Il Sole
  • Numero Di Modello: Squirtle Bulbasaur Charmander Slowbro Charizard Pidgeotto Magikarp
  • Tema: TV & Film di Carattere
  • Avviso: NO
  • Fascia Di Età: > 3 anni
  • Materiale: peluche
  • Riempimento: Il Cotone dei PP
  • Genere: Unisex
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Tipo: Peluche/Bambola Nano
  • Animali: Squirtle

China Al2
looks cute, well made
Mark Bellaby
he looks good overall, only issue I saw was back pattern stitching where stripes were off slightly
Aftab Ahmed460
The shipping for Spheal was at best ok. The product had a hole in its back when it arrived. The seller claimed it was from shipping impact, but that SHOULD NOT happen. It was shipped only in a shipping bag with no other protection. The toy has a deformed face and its ears and head were very off center. I really wanted a good looking product, but this was not it. I was really upset and don't plan on purchasing from this store again. The seller did offer me a 5% discount on a future purchase, but only after I requested a refund. I would have preferred the refund, but the seller did not want to do that. All I want is a good looking product. Overall it was a huge disappointment.
D Muratbek
replaced with snorlax, looks good only issue is he is a lighter black grey colour but that is normal for this size model it seems

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