Per Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Case Slim 1.5 MM Morbido Trasparente di Alta Trasparente TPU+PC custodie per cellulari Per Galaxy Z Flip ZFlip S21 Plus Ultra

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Qui di seguito è la descrizione del prodotto per Galaxy S21 Serie

  • Materiale: TPU+ PC
  • Di tipo 2: Telefono cellulare casi fundas custodia coque capa
  • Colori: Trasparente
  • Compatibile Con Il Modello Del Telefono 3: Per Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus S21Plus Caso
  • Origine: CN(Origine)
  • Marca: IMIDO
  • Tipo: A metà avvolto Caso
  • Compatibile Con Il Modello Del Telefono 2: Per Samsung Galaxy S21 Caso
  • Marca Compatibile: Samsung
  • Compatibile Samsung Modello: Galaxy Z Flip
  • Design: Trasparente
  • Caratteristiche: Alta Chiara, Ripristino Originale Bellezza
  • Compatibile Con Il Modello Del Telefono 4: Per Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S21Ultra Caso
  • Telefono Cellulare Compatibile Modello 1: Per Samsung galaxy Z Flip Case

◆Order Time: 2020 0806 ◆The date of shipment ready : 2020 0806 ◆Received date: 2020 0914 ◆ Korean Cons? Outerwear cotton top mini screen + camera part Hole only fit high (ㅠ.ㅠ) Button, camera, microphone and so well Aye yo Material and thickness? Jelly case referred to fully Fuwa no and slightly tight feeling. Thickness is Picture as little chunky cold. So durable. Thick or know the living. Well fitted chain 쫀 쫀 still grab me. Loose fitting, not included! Shipping and packaging? Shipping is so quick and Packaging Styrofoam two shock absorber sent in by high Film front, back in thin vinyl is attached. Tiger flock use cotton shiny shiny ~ Besides that? Key Ring hole. Seller test key ring the Kenyan and ask mountain bike light Key Ring naturally one side only did know the line used Both sides in the WH: Zero Oil ink Both sides key ring moon and the girls also seemed ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ No button front part big hole only fit living away Cotton perfect harness yo
D Hemstedt
Fully satisfied

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